Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poise pads versus TVT surgery. How about you?

85% of folks with loss of bladder control are women and it starts at very young ages. Is it right for women to believe Poise pads and Depends are the ultimate treatments?  Is it really sexy and desirable to go on a date wearing wet undergarments and being afraid to laugh without your bladder exploding?  There is a 10 minute surgery called TVT which can >90% of the time eliminate the most common type of incontinence women experience.  Women are not being made aware of this fact because undergarment manufacturers make billions of dollars convincing women they are the only way to go.  Those who make wise cracks about Whoopi Goldberg hitting a low by being a spokeswoman for Poise ought to have their heads examined.  It's probably one of her most lucrative contracts.  The only sad part is women are kept from the truth. Find the truth at www.lolagain.net

What do you think?